Join a global community of FX athletes and help make FX an Olympic sport.

Own the sport you love

To grow the sport we need more brands in the game.

No one should be forced to choose between protecting their values and protecting their livelihood.

We believe athletes, box owners and fans have the right to determine the future of their sport. So, we created United Athletes FX – a community of athletes dedicated to making FX a sport.

Our immediate priority is to help safeguard the livelihood of thousands of independent box owners by enabling brand choice in the sport.

5 Ways to get involved...

  1. Join the international sports federation for FX – it’s free
  2. Create & host your own FX Games – it’s free
  3. Create and practice your own branded fitness regimen for FX – yep, that’s also free
  4. Practice FX – uh huh, still free
  5. Talk, talk, talk about FX everywhere and anywhere – free? always 😉

Get Talking

Brand-neutral language for a new sport.

We want you to be able to talk about the sport you’re passionate and proud of. In collaboration with ISFX Organisation (global sports organisation for FX), we created some brand-free language for you to use.

  • Sport: FX
  • People: FX athlete
  • Competition: FX Games
  • Hashtags: #fx #fxathlete #fxgames